String Names & Picking

String Names & Picking

Make sure your guitar is in tune and you know a little bit about how to read guitar TAB before you start!

There are 6 guitar strings that run low to high:

strings on a guitar
guitar standard tuning – E A D G B e

E – 6th string, thickest string

A – 5th string

D – 4th string

G – 3rd string

B – 2nd string

e – 1st string, thinnest string

Once you can hold your pick comfortably, lets begin picking the strings, starting with all down-strokes, then all up-strokes, and finally with alternate picking (down-up strokes) for each string as demonstrated in the video.

Starting on the E string we have:

picking TAB

Note: when a string is picked open (not fretted) it appears as a 0 in TAB.

 TAB for A String, D String, G String, B String, e String:

picking guitar strings

Pick each string as shown in the video, just like the E string example, starting with down picking, up picking, then alternate picking (down-up strokes). Alternate picking is the most important style of picking as it will eventually allow you to play fast guitar riffs, as you’ll see from the next amazing lessons!

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